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  This multifunctional unit provides a conditioned, protected “same-phase” power distribution platform for a residential home theater or A/V system, including a separately derived reference ground for the elimination of ground loop problems and control system lockups. This approach eliminates most common causes of hum and buzz – lighting system dimming noise, for example – and prevents most control system reboots and lockups. Properly installed, a PowerCore™ system eliminates the need for expensive rackmount surge/spike protection and power conditioners while providing dedicated power circuits for A/V, phone and security systems.

Basic Operation:

A standard 240VAC or 208VAC feed is transformed into all in-phase 120VAC outputs with a new A/V reference ground and newly derived neutral ground bond point. Every unit comes with an integrated main breaker/disconnect and a 16/24, 24, or 30/40-space branch circuit load center (depending on model). Each model also includes an integrated StrikeShield™ for surge protection on all circuits and an integrated power conditioning filter. Four standard sizes are available from 60 to 200A outputs at 120V.Factory prewired, compact unit arrives ready to install.

NOTE: The technology used in this system is more effective than “balanced” power systems, which are prohibited in residential installations by the 2008 National Electrical Code. (NEC Article 647.3)

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Part #
2 Pole CB
Total Max
Load at
Total Max
Load at
Total #
of Single
Total #
of Circuits
Net Weight
10 kVA
60 Amp
41.6 Amps
83.3 Amps
350/ 240 lbs
15 kVA
80 Amp
62.5 Amps
125 Amps
400/ 285 lbs
25 kVA
150 Amp
208.3 Amps
500/ 380 lbs
240V/208V Feeder Hookup
Feeder connections are made using the appropriate wiring method and connector in the provided 1" and 1-1/4” combination knockout. Cable management tie points have been provided for easy and effective conductor routing. There is also a separate knockout for a local grounding electrode conductor.

  • True single-phase output – not “center tapped split-single phase”
  • Creates new reference single-point ground (SPG)
  • All circuits on same phase eliminating cross-phase interference
  • Double electrostatic (Faraday) shields for voltage spike and noise attenuation
  • Advanced transformer winding techniques compensate for harmonic voltage distortion
  • Proprietary core minimizes eddy currents and stray losses, reducing heat
  • Wound with flat-ribbon wire for high energy efficiency
  • 146dB common-mode noise rejection before additional filtering/conditioning
  • Passively vented – no fans required
  • Heavy-duty components and construction for long life
  • 208VAC models also available
  • Noise rating: <45dB
  • UL Listed in USA and Canada

Branch Circuit Hookups
Because all the hot legs are in phase, this unit cannot be used with shared neutral 3-wire branch circuits. 1/2" and 3/4" branch circuit knockouts are provided. Inside the unit, cable management tie points provide a means of separation between the feeder line and load conditioners.
Built-In Surge / Spike Protection
The StrikeShield™ SPD is factory-installed to protect branch circuits and connected equipment from voltage surges such as power grid switching. LED indicators provide visual notification to indicate proper operation and protection status. Contact closure terminals for status notification to control systems. Fault current rating 100,000 AIC, <1 nanosecond response time, UL 3rd edition Listed.
PowerCore wiring diagram
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