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The EP-WSC-15R reduces differential mode by a factor of 1 million to 1, and common-mode noise is reduced by 300,000 to 1!

AC power line noise is everywhere in our modernized world. Appliances we use every day such as computers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and air conditioning units, just to mention a few,
can generate noise on the AC circuits you use to power your audio and video equipment.

Most home entertainment devices have little or no AC filtering to prevent these AC line noises from causing their damage. Eliminating the noise and RFI from your AC line means that your equipment will not have to amplify and process noise and RFI along with the audio and video signals.

The Solution
The EP-WSC-15R Wideband Filter uses a combination of multi-stage, heavy-duty filters, and a second set of AC line filters to reject both Common-Mode and Differential Mode AC noise and RFI from the AC outlets feeding your sensitive audio/video equipment. The units noise reduction capability extends to much lower frequencies than competing AC filters. At the relatively low frequency of 200kHz, the EP-WSC-15R reduces differential mode noise by a factor of 1 million to 1, and common-mode noise is reduced by 300,000 to 1! This exceptional low frequency rejection means that neither externally generated noise, nor noise backfeeding from a switchmode power amplifier will ever reach your sensitive head end components.

What Does the Graph Show?
The accompanying graph shows the reduction of noise at various frequencies from incoming power line from Output 5 to Output 1, designed to feed the most sensitive front-end audio components.

Wide Band Filter
Four-stage isolation approach
Custom-wound, heavy-duty toroidal inductors
Five-stage, high-voltage surge protection
Cable TV and phone line transient protection

Home Theatre and Audio Systems
• LCD, Plasma, Rear Projector TVs and Projectors
• High-power Amplifiers
• Self-powered Speakers and Subwoofers
Professional Audio and Video System
• Digital and Analog Video Equipment
• Audio Design, Engineering and Mixing Equipment
• On-stage Audio and Video
• Rack Mountable

*The above curves were made by combining the measured responses of the unit's Input Filter section and Second Filter section. The reduction in noise is exactly the same whether it is originating from your AC line or from a switchmode power amp plugged into Output 3 of the EP-WSC-15R.

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